My name is Alexa Jewel and I have the honor of being in charge of documenting your days. It’s a magical thing to get to revisit a feeling + I love getting to help you do that. 

Having spent part of my childhood in Italy and studying architecture in college, I have an immense love for the arts. You could also say I'm still stuck in my middle school 2000's romcom phase, which means I'm here for all of the romance. Things that inspire me include the ocean, sun showers, classical music, water that sparkles, the table, mid-century modern architecture, deep connections, and ultimately β€” the stories behind people and places. 

My friends & loved ones know me as a joyful soul. It doesn't take much for me to sit back in awe and wonder of what or who I'm presented with. What I love the most about my job is the completely blank canvas that i am gifted with. Trust me to use my passion to find beauty, even in the ordinary, to capture your love story in a way you'll appreciate for years to come.

The Alexa Jewel Films experience isn't just me
filming your wedding. It's me gaining the privilege of getting to know you and serving you and everybody involved in your story. I started this business by taking what I was obsessed with about my life and realizing I wanted to gift others with the same thing. I've only known documentation all of my days – if you saw my bedside table, you'd find stacks on stacks of journals recounting memories, answered prayers, and the silliest of adventures.

 I thrive the most on spontaneity sprinkled with the mundane. 

I believe that there is power behind capturing life on film. 
oh how beautiful this life we get to live is.

I'm here to capture your loose & candid & organic memories. 
your surprises & little glimpses of magic. 

 I want my films to carry meaning past just the time we get to spend together. These milestones hold more depth than that present moment, so I do my best to learn about who you are and where you come from, and honor that through the ways I document. As your videographer, I tend to quietly float around your photographer on your wedding day, but rest assured, you can trust that I am being observant to all of those special moments you would otherwise glance past as they surface.

I dream of working with those who aren't afraid
to romanticize life. Daydreamers. 

Those who value intentionality and have big hearts.
The ones who love to remember and reminisce. 



My style is honestly marked by you guys. 
There is beauty everywhere – in any setting, through the lens of any culture. 

I work to catalog memories in a way that speaks to the authenticity of the moment, 
with a touch of nostalgia mixed with whimsy.



+ i offer full coverage for these events with packages that differ in regards to deliverables.

+ all video packages include high resolution films shared through digital downloads and two planning sessions with me. both weddings and elopements are captured digitally, with a Super 8 add-on available. a Super 8 only package is also available.

+ all wedding/elopement packages are subject to a travel fee, dependent on location. 
(i do not offer photo packages for these events.) 


all packages can be customized + personalized to attend to your
hopes and needs. 

please inquire to receive full pricing packages and further information. 


weddings - $5,315
elopements -  $3,200
just super 8 - $2,850

+ all video packages include high resolution, edited films shared through digital downloads and two planning sessions with me.


+ all photo packages include high resolution, edited images shared through a digital gallery. 

+ sessions meant to showcase the story behind your brand or business. 

+ all story sessions include high resolution films shared through digital downloads and a planning session with me. 


[only video is offered for these events]



starts at $450

family SESSIONS 

+ sessions may be photo or video and include high resolution films/photos shared through digital downloads and a planning session with me. 
(inquire for questions about newborn films)

starts at $550

currently booking now-sep '24 + april '25

weddings - $5,315       elopements - $3,200     just super 8 - $2,850